...breath is Holy Spiritual life force which is

given into the keeping of every man

in order to expand the glory of God

and the will of his divine plan

                     ​ Maha Chohan                           



​​Beloved Reader:

​The following is a general history of the innovation, development, and progression of an idea born in the heart and consciousness of the Beloved Maha Chohan.

Like all ideas, it depended for its subsistence upon the voluntary acceptance of the pristine essence through the consciousness of some members of the race to be benefited by its development, nourishment and sustenance.

Many such ideas are born and sent forth by their creators, only to die without fulfillment.  Others are eagerly seized upon and pressed into the personal service of some individual ego.  Others are fortunate enough to be reverently received by earnest, determined and sensitive lifestreams - such as composers, inventors, poets, statesmen, saints - and developed into workable, practicable benefits for the race as a whole.

​The idea of inviting interested students on the path to visit the retreats of the masters of wisdom was conceived by the Beloved Master, El Morya.  to amplify the blessings of the retreats to the mankind of earth, the Beloved Maha Chohan conceived the further idea of drawing the students together rhythmically, at the same time that the initial pulsation of the Retreat had begun to pour out its radiance into the atmosphere of earth, and of allowing them gradually to become conscious co-workers with the Great White Brotherhood whom they have loved so long, AT THE SAME TIME AS THE BROTHERHOOD WAS ACTIVE IN ANY PARTICULAR SERVICE.

The response of the students, the development of their spiritual dexterity, and the tremendous results manifest at the inner levels can be traced on the following pages.  The Beloved Maha Chohan Himself, has said:  "The reception of this idea and its subsequent development with the tremendous benefits to the race, to the atmosphere of earth, and to the three evolutions progressing upon the planet, is a marvelous proof to the Cosmic Law that mankind is interested in helping itself; that among incarnate lifestreams are many who will cooperate when the outer consciousness is given opportunity to do so."

​​​​​​Transmission of the Flame